Culture Connectors

How can one engage communities, with a particular focus on young people, to contemplate on their relation with cultural heritage in order to foster reflection on a shared past, present challenges and future co-existence?

Conceived by Flow India, Culture Connectors is a creative response to such a probe. This project is a recipient of the prestigious Contemporary Take, Beyond Cultural Heritage programme grant supported by the Prince Claus Fund and the British Council.

It seeks to engage young people through a learner directed exploration and reflection of cultural heritage. Moving beyond facts and mere appreciation of the past, the project will attempt to redefine our engagement with heritage by allowing learners to make personal connections, gain a bigger picture of the past and the present to understand continuity and change.


The project aims to leverage the power of new media and technology to make heritage accessible and engaging for young learners across the country who may not have the opportunity to access it otherwise. Contemporary immersive image making techniques will seamlessly transport the participants to a select environment, building a playful and exciting engagement.


Using experiences framed within Flow’s Engaged Cultural Learning pedagogy, the project will deliberate on how can we foster tolerance and empathy; collaborative dialogue and deeper inquiry into diverse cultural narratives.


Culture Connectors will run until the end of 2018 and will be piloted with 3500+ learners in 8 cities across the country.


Flow India is executing this project in collaboration with Bangalore based Technology consultant, Titash Neogi and new media production specialist, Hyper Reality Studio with digital artist, Rahul Dutta to build this unique experience.