Our Story

Current Scenario

The Indian School System is characterised by rote-learning & subject siloes. This fails to build learners capacities in adaptability and preparedness for the 21st century. In most classrooms there is a skewed teacher-student ratio. This poses a challenge in shaping engagement and personalised attention.


The future of learning lies in the capacity to be trans-disciplinary and globally competent, focusing on knowledge, skills and dispositions that enables one to build adaptive expertise while being aware of local, global and intercultural issues that inform one’s world view.


Picture Credit: MAP, Bangalore

About 1

Where We Come In

Flow India is an education and culture organization with a human-centered design focus. We develop learning experiences that empower students with 21st century skills by making local cultural capital accessible and relevant to them.


Through experiential interdisciplinary project-based learning, we encourage the students of today to become self-sufficient, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners of tomorrow.


We believe that building engagement with culture fosters human capacity to perceive connections across disciplines, fuels human ingenuity and builds self-awareness.


Working closely with school leaders, educators and parents, we deliver programmes that support in developing each child into a successful learner, rooted in their own heritage and confident about their own future.


Flow advocates the adoption of cultural learning and the nurturing of cultural intelligence as an integral methodology in the classroom and actively addresses any possible barriers that may arise in this domain.

Our Approach

We strive to build a strong connect between external stakeholders, the educator community and the students, creating a fluid learning conduit that connects the classroom with the real world. Inspired by the Flow Theory, our work supports learners to find the right balance of motivation and skills to be optimally engaged.


We develop and implement all our programmes and projects based on our methodology of Engaged Cultural Learning™.

About 2

Our Mission

To empower learners with skills of the 21st century by transforming local cultural capital into sustainable learning resources. 

Our Vision

To embed cultural learning as a ‘must-have’ component within the Indian learning system and not a mere ‘good-to-have’.