For Cultural Institutions

Flow engages with a range of cultural institutions across the country to realize their mandate for educational outreach.

Our consultancy services address a range of institutional requirements from strategic planning, research, training, front end and formative evaluation to roll-out of programmes and projects. We support our clients in visualizing and implementing innovative programmes and build strong linkages with their stakeholder communities.


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The workshop has met our expectations and beyond. You guys have done an excellent job orienting the children to actually looking at art and demystifying the world of art, and exposing them to various aspects which are there. The activities which were there opened up a whole new world, and I saw that in almost each of the batches that have come in (to the museum)
Yamini Telkar, Former Head of Museum, Jaya He GVK New Museum, Mumbai


Great exposure for the students about the wonderful community and landscape of Kutch. Students have surely got transformed and would surely look up to this community with a new perspective. Every minute was meaningfully spent, a great learning experience!
Manisha Lal, Art Facilitator, Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon


Working up close with Flow in producing workshops for children has been a wonderful experience, with Flow’s facilitators bringing not only their expertise with young learners but also their enthusiasm to the project.
Often the first step is dispelling common misconceptions about art: as intimidating, boring or pointless. The biggest takeaway for kids at these workshops I find, therefore, is having their preconceived ideas of what constitutes art challenged and learning that art can be fun, curious and unexpected. That it can be emotionally and creatively stimulating, as well as the gateway to dialogue and discovery whether of history, cultural and communal traditions or other contexts. As a museum educator, the best part of workshops such as these are the opportunity they provide for one to see firsthand the impact that art and culture can have in influencing and cultivating the ways in which we see, think and learn.

Shilpa Vijayakrishnan, Head of Education, MAP