We strive to build a strong connect between external stakeholders, the educator community and the students, creating a fluid learning conduit that connects the classroom with the real world.

  1. We work with educators to make a systemic shift in viewing out-of-school learning as an essential strategy and build capacities in utilizing local environment & communities to design creative learning experiences.
  2. We design innovative learning frameworks that help students engage with the real world, express themselves creatively and self-reflect on their learning.
  3. We support cultural institutions and corporate organizations in strategizing and executing projects that address the needs of their stakeholders and are aligned to their core mandates in the sectors of education, culture and development.

Engaged Cultural Learning

We develop and implement all our programmes and projects based on a core methodology of Engaged Cultural Learning™.


Engaged Cultural Learning™ uses the act of engaging and exploring a cultural stimulus, to build a set of skills and dispositions relevant and essential in the 21st century. This is framed within an active process known as ‘Creative Enquiry’.

Creative Enquiry