Enquiry Premise

The Flow methodology uses engagement with the real world – our heritage, our environment, our art, our society as a starting point for learning. This has translated into multiple strands of engagement that have harnessed the ‘experiential’ potential and tactile nature of every real world stimuli – be it the simulation of an archaeological dig or survey of a historical site or participatory making with community groups. In each instance, the engagement crafts a multi-sensorial learning experience.


Combining this with our pan Indian experience in developing and supporting high quality engagement with India’s rich heritage and cultural resources within curriculum settings, our learnings relate to 2 specific areas:

Lack of access: Even where cultural resources such as cultural sites and museums exist, there are significant physical and financial barriers to taking children out of school. Lack of perceived value of cultural resources by teachers and parents and low status of arts and humanities in most school systems adds to this handicap.


Lack of scalability: Where quality educational experiences exist they are hard to scale. Where scalable resources (online) exist, they are often unused or deliver an experience that is very low in quality.

With the goal to reach large number of learners in the most effective way that is easily scalable, Flow is currently investigating how the experiential nature of a physical exploration can mirror itself as a digital immersion on a technology platform without diluting the authenticity of the engagement. We are currently running a number of active enquiries in this space.