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Customized Learning Toolkits


Flow has developed a range of customized toolkits to activate learning and meet a range of institutional requirements comprising references to cultural stimuli, lesson plans, student worksheets and evaluation frameworks, they provide clear and effective guidelines to introduce and embed cultural learning within the classroom and school campus.


The Mayo College Museum Toolkit Project exemplifies this approach. Aimed at extending the school’s commitment to ‘Learning from the Campus’, it developed a curriculum linked resource framework around the objects and displays of the School’s Museum. The Toolkit harnessed the potential of the museum’s collection as primary resource and stimuli to successfully foster an enquiry-based teaching and learning pedagogy in the primary and middle school years.


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The museum toolkit was designed keeping in mind the topics to be taught in class VII. It was a helping aid for us to teach the lesson. The visit to the museum was a learning experience for both us and the students. It gave us an interactive platform outside a classroom which is highly appreciated…
Dipti Pande, Teacher, Mayo College Boys, Ajmer


Museum classes were very useful and fruitful for all boys of class 7 and 8 in Mathematics. Learning math concepts with actual objects was easier than imagined. Children who were not very keen in the subjects were actively taking part in understanding the concepts. Children were able to easily interconnect the different disciplines and the learning was long lasting.
D K Soni,Teacher, Mayo College Boys, Ajmer