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Museum Learning Masterclass


The Museum Learning Masterclass is an exclusive session that introduces the pedagogy of museum and cultural learning to social studies educators.


It brings to the forefront, a range of international best practices that allow a seamless integration of museum objects and environments to support classroom themes of the Indian School curriculum. Through exploration of select displays within a museum, the class demonstrates strategies of promoting an enquiry-based approach to learning that fosters the development of 21st century skills.


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The whole workshop has been a rich learning experience for me, and it has increased curiosity and enthusiasm of learning more and teaching in a better way, and I wish I can get my students here for the whole day. Both facilitators have been kind enough and have really motivated us to learn more and the whole exercise was a complete success.
Pratima Maithe, Teacher, Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar


The idea of object based learning is the need of the hour as this will help in creating a bond of students with our rich cultural heritage.
Ritu Anand,Teacher, St. Marks School Janakpuri


One valuable takeaway for me was ways of getting students to engage with challenging standpoints/perspectives as a way of also building respect for pluralusm & simplicity.
Rafia Zaman, Teacher, Step By Step School, Noida


During the Masterclass session, I was guided so well, I started to look at things differently… For visual learners and imaginative minds, museum learning can be very impactful. The understanding of the past can become much clearer through in a museum than learning through textbooks…My own curiosity has multiplied manifold. I have begun to relate the past with the present which I did not do earlier. I am very thankful to the resource people for giving me the opportunity to look at things differently and develop a new perspective.
Tarana Sehgal, Gyan Devi Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar