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Integrated Creative Enquiry Programme


The Integrated Creative Enquiry Programme (ICEP) is a designed and delivered programme of project-based learning for classes 4-8 in your school. It has arisen out of the best international education practice to develop ‘future-learning’ in students. ICEP uses engagement with the real world – our heritage, our environment, our art, our society as a starting point for learning.


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I think it was great cultural immersion and experiential learning for the children. Their curiosity was aroused and [you know] anything you do with the students that is out of the classroom, they are thinking out of the box, and they really enjoyed each and every module. The best modeules were the ones they did on the museum and the market survey. The students have had a wonderful time.
Rashmi Ahuja, Headmistress, Daly College, Indore


The Flow programme has enhanced the learning process, it has ignited curiousity in students. It has generated the spirit of enquiry and coordination among the students. The students are able to relate the subjects with real life experiences.
Shweta, Teacher co-ordinator, Seth MR Jaipuria School, Lucknow


When you work as a team, it’s a lot of fun and with Flow India I have learned learning can also be fun. I found that you can have fun while learning,if you want to. It was very exciting for me.
Viraj Singh, Student, Welham Boys School